How To Adopt

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There are two ways to apply for adoption:

  1. Online Adoption Questionnaire - Fill out and submit. The form will automatically be sent to our email.
  2. Print a copy of the questionnaire - fill out and mail, scan and then email or fax back to us.

       Fax: (403) 407-7228 Anytime

       Mail: Box 2311, Strathmore, Alberta, T1P 1K3

Please also review our adoption prices to see everything the fee includes.

Note: Please fill out the questionnaire completely with as much information as you can provide.  We are run by volunteers so it may take us a few days to call you back. Complete adoption forms or detailed emails are extremely appreciated.

If the adoption proceeds we will arrange a time suitable for both you and our adoption volunteer to meet and you can take your new friend home.

At time of Adoption: Please bring with you an appropriate cat carrier as we have guidelines which we must follow for the cats' safety. Please be prepared to show us photo ID and to review and sign our adoption contract. The adoption fee can only be made to a Happy Cat representative and must be in cash, we will accept a cheque with two pieces of ID. We do not take interac or credit cards.


Thank You!


Why do we ask you to fill out a questionnaire?

The reason many animal rescue organizations ask for a questionnaire to be filled out and sometimes home checks done is so that the right pet can be chosen for you and your family. The rescue volunteers & foster homes get to know the animals very well and are then able to be sure that a pet you are interested in will best suit your home and lifestyle. You would not want to adopt a cat or dog and have your children and you fall in love with it and then find out that even though the color and type were perfect the pet should not have been placed with small children. Now you would have to break the family’s hearts and return the animal to the rescue group. This is not just devastating for you, but also for the dog or cat. They are very sensitive and do not understand all the moves. It would be much easier in some ways for us to just adopt our cats out on the spot and not do all the extra work reviewing the questionnaire and talking and meeting with you, but in the long run getting cats back is not why we rescue them and we are sure that you are adopting a rescue cat or dog to do a good thing - so please be patient while we review your questionnaire and then speak with you, it only takes a couple days maximum for the adoption process, you have the rest of the cat or dogs’ life to enjoy them.