Bear and Pumpkin - BONDED PAIR

Pumpkin and Bear are bonded brothers looking for a home together. These boys are absolute sweethearts and so friendly! Bear is a big boy who still has lots of growing to do, he's so much fun and so playful! Pumpkin is a purr-machine who absolutely loves cuddles and pets, he has some unique white flecks of fur all over his back. Pumpkin and Bear have a condition called Cerebral hypoplasia, it affects how they walk and sometimes how they move their heads. It's not painful or debilitating. They can both get around almost as quick as any other cat but are a little wobbly in comparison. It's quite endearing and they will live a normal lifespan just like any other cat. If you are looking for a wonderful pair of kitties who are loving and so much fun look no further! 

Age Group: 
DSH - Black
Date of Birth: 
July, 2016