We have had Chewy for over 10 years now, he was adopted out for awhile but returned.  Chewy was a wild and aggressive cat when he first came to us, but after working hard with him he became the biggest love bug. The cat who used to hide in the corner now will rub all over us and purr with content -especially when we give him a little canned food. He loves to be scratched on his back and will reach out to hold our hand if he wants more. Chewy still has the tendency to run and hide when he is startled with fast movement or loud noises, so he should not go into a home with young children. We know with some more time and a very loving and caring owner, he will be confident as a regular house cat. Chewy is bonded to several cats at the sanctuary...if interested in adopting Chewy, we are hoping he can go with one of his buddy's into a new home. Please email to inquire. For now Chewy is happily living at the sanctuary.

Age Group: 
Short Haired Brown Tabby
Date of Birth: 
March, 2005