Adoption pending!

Hi!I'm Kai!!

Boy do I have a story for you!!!

A few weeks ago I was lost and all by myself and something came along and tried to eat me!  I fought and I fought and I was able to get away but man o man did I get badly hurt.  My front paw was completely crushed and I got bit on the head and neck lots too.  I was able to find a nice lady who called Happy Cat Sanctuary to help me out.  I was rushed to the vet to get all fixed up but unfortunatly there was nothing they could do to save my paw.  The vet told me she would have to amputate my arm but promised me that I would feel much, much better.  I wasn't so sure I belived her but you know what?  She was right!  The day I got home from surgery I felt sooo much better already and plus I think it's kind of badass of me to have fought for my life, AND WON!  

I really feel special for everyone taking such good care of me and wanting to help me out.  It's unfortunate that my old family moved without telling anyone and cannot be found.  I still have many, many years of love to share with a new family, do you think you might have some room in yours???  Once I get clearance from the vet maybe you can come and adopt me :)

Age Group: 
Date of Birth: 
November, 2008
Special Status: 
Pending Adoption