Koala Bear

From Medicine Hat rescues. Koala Bear came to us in November 2009 from a case of hoarding.  She was one of the cats in the worst condition... a total rack of skin and bones, matted with feces to the skin and suffering from severe infections in her mouth, eyes and nose.  Upon examination it was discovered she was also anemic so her condition had to be monitored very closely.  With lot's of time, excellent Veterinary support and a tonne of love from our volunteers, she had made a full recovery; put on weight, her fuy began to grow in nice and soft and her infections were under control.  Sadly almost 2 years to the day of her rescue, Koala Bear passed away.  Her long difficult life had taken it's toll despite her excellent care, she had severe glaucoma in her eyes and kidney failure - her quality of life was no longer as it should be.  We made the very difficult decision to say goodbye to Koala Bear yet we will never forget her.  So gentle, so affectionate and incredibly strong...you will be missed Koala Bear - Rest in Peace Sweet Girl.

Age Group: 
DMH - Tabby
Date of Birth: 
January, 1998