Wild Wilma

Wild Wanda was from a feral colony in Strathmore.  Our intention was to spay and release her as she had a shelter and had food and was being cared for by someone outside. Once at the vet, they discovered she had been shot in the side with a pellet gun which had then formed a very bad abscess in her side. She had surgery to remove the damaged tissue and needed to be on antibiotics for 2 weeks. At that point, we couldn't let her go. She stayed in a cage for 2 weeks because that was the only way we knew she would eat the pills, hidden in her food. And we could make sure she was eating well and using the litter. That was in late 2005. She is now living full time at the sanctuary and has a favorite volunteer who has almost totally tamed the Wild Wilma.  She loves to be held by only the one volunteer, scratched and snuggled and when the tinned foodcomes out, she is waiting patiently on her perch. Wilma does not trust anyone but her main caregiver that has been with her since we got her. So we feel it is not appropriate to adopt her out as she is comfortable and very bonded with the other cats and volunteer at the sanctuary. Wilma has a forever home with us and gets 24/7 access to a fully enclosed outdoor cat run with lot's of places to go and things to do. Life is not dull for this sweet girl at all.


Wild Wilma passed away peacefully after a long and strong battle with kidney disease.  We miss her sweet face every day.  She was far from Wild several years later and cuddled happily with her caregiver every day.   Rest in Peace sweet girl.

Age Group: 
DSH brown tabby & white
Date of Birth: 
February, 2004
Special Status: 
Shy Cat